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You are here-剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好-Services & Products-Well Completion Technology-Completion Technique & Tool Service

  • Fracturing ( acidification ) pumping services can help customers complete fracturing fluid, acid , proppant , nitrogen and other working media pump to the destination layers, realizing stimulation of destination layers. We provide customers with service design and construction of integrated fracturing ( acidification ) pumping, supporting fracturing ( acidification ) pumping equipment services,etc. Our annual operating capacity is no less than 3000 layers.
  • Our fracturing units use the world's leading network centralized control, data acquisition and transmission, 200 sets of fracturing pumping equipment and auxiliary equipment, complete sets of fracturing equipment with 2000 , 2500 fracturing truck as the core. Their truck chassis uses Mercedes-Benz Actors series, owing a total operational capability of 200,000 hydraulic horsepower.
  • Our fracturing ( acidification ) pumping services have won the qualification and access of PetroChina , Sinopec , Yanchang Oilfield. And the construction team has obtained the appropriate certificates. We take full participation in the fracturing and pumping services in Changqing Oilfield of PetroChina, Sulige gas field, Zhejiang Oilfield Company, Sinopec North China Bureau, Yanchang Natural gas Exploration and Development Company , Jianghan Oilfield and Shale Gas Development Company in Southwest China.