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You are here-剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好-Services & Products-Well Completion Technology-Stimulation & Integrated Completion Technology

  • Stimulation technology product line is the application of the concept of tight gas stimulation technology, combined with sub- transformation process with supporting tools and chemicals to achieve the purpose of oil and gas wells to increase production, and provide technical evaluation and monitoring technology and technical services product line.


  • Anton's main stimulation technology covers six aspects, including stimulation design and evaluation, staging transformation stimulation , tough stimulation, chemical production, fiber operations. It also has R & D stimulation technology-related tools, chemical products modulation formulations yield and provide on-site technical service capabilities. We use StimPlan, GOHFER and other mainstream fracturing and acidizing design analysis software. We own nearly 100 technical staff who have many years of oil and gas well stimulation work experience in related industries.


  • Anton Oil is the technology services company who first carries out openhole horizontal well stimulations segmentation transformation. Its service area covers major domestic oil blocks in Tarim Basin, Junggar Basin, Erdos Basin, Sichuan Basin, Songliao Basin, forming reservoir stimulation technology for routine sandstone, igneous carbonate rocks and shale and other types of ground. We also undertook China's first horizontal shale gas well fracturing technology services, opened the prelude of domestic shale gas fracturing.