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Mainly engaged in drilling & completion fluid integrated services adhering to the concept that service is basic, quality is life, science and technology is for development, and striving to provide customers with safe, efficient and economical drilling & completion fluid services. It mainly covers four service modes: integrated drilling & completion fluid service, engineer technical service, drilling & completion fluid material supply and mud station service. The main characteristic technologies are as follows.

  • Biosynthetic base environmental friendly drilling fluid system Ant-Druids, self-developed product (patented), the base fluid is modified from natural vegetable oil, no aromatic hydrocarbons, non-toxic, non-fluorescent, no heavy metals, biodegradable; The system can be used above 200℃,density range is from 1.10 to 2.50g/cm3, resistant contamination from Ca2+, brine, gypsum and active clay, and enhance ROP, it can be used for shale gas wells and extended reach wells etc.
  • n  Ant-High temperature OBM system Lava FlowAT, whose core product is licensed by invention patent, it’s properties equal to inported product’s. The system can be used above 200℃,density range is from 0.95 to 2.60 g/cm3, resistant contamination from Ca2+ , brine, gypsum and active clay, low cost advantage. It is suitable for deep wells, ultra-deep wells.

  • n  Multi-component synergistic drilling fluid system, in which a variety of strong inhibitors and membrane plugging agents are introduced into conventional KCl polymer system, forms a super anti-collapse drilling fluid system with strong inhibition, strong plugging and good lubricity. It can be applied to trouble some formations with water sensitivity, easy collapse, and easy block falling.

  • n  Organic salt drilling fluid system, using organic salt as aggravating agent, has strong inhibition and resistant contamination from Ca2+, brine, gypsum and active clay, and can effectively prevent formation damage. The system can be used above 150℃,low corrosiveness, strong inhibition, low ECD, enhance ROP and easy biodegradation. It is suitable for deep, directional, horizontal and slim hole drilling, especially used as drilling in fluid.

  • Extreme Flow, a high temperature and high density environmental water base drilling fluid system, traditional sulfonated materials displaced by anti-high temperature resistant polymers to meet environmental protection requirements. The system can be used above 200℃, maximum MW is 2.60g/cm3. Resistant contamination from Ca2+, brine, gypsum and active clay, properties can keep stable for a long time, and can be used, for ultra-deep wells and long salt-gypsum formation wells.
Classic case

Ant-Druids, a biosynthetic environmental friendly drilling fluid system, has been used in shale gas development for many wells, drilled the horizontal section just one trip (MD 4000 meters, horizontal displacement is 2000 meters), and has made 6 drilling records in Changning shale gas block continuously. It is proved that the drilling cuttings is belonging to non-hazardous waste by the environmental protection toxic test of national authoritative agencies, and achieves well social and economic benefits.