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  • As a private directional drilling service company with leading technology, largest scale and strong service capability in China, Antonoil is supported by self-provided high-end tools and sharing of global resources. With integrated domestic and foreign leading drilling technology, along with its comprehensive in-depth study, Antonoil is best known for its experiences in solving directional drilling problems of complex wells.
  • Antonoil provides technical services for various types of directional/horizontal/lateral wells/sidetracking wells under different wellbore sizes for domestic and foreign customers; Antonoil provides high-speed motor and turbine tools services in the field of performance drilling; It can independently provide technical services such as MWD, LWD, vertical drilling, RSS, Geo-Steering, etc.
  • Since 2008, more than 1,700 wells' directional drilling work have been completed by Antonoil at home and abroad. The department holds 176 field engineers, 48 technical experts included. Antonoil currently owns 3 sets of RSS tools, 56 sets of MWD (Max 25000 PSI, Max temperature 185 °C rated), 18 sets of LWD (including Schlumberger and Baker Hughes tools). Apart from its service bases in China, Antonoil has built operation bases and maintenance workshops in Central Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa. The team is able to carry out 40 jobs simultaneously worldwide.