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Own 7 high-quality electrical, mechanical-electrical rigs, all rigs equipped with TDS. Simultaneously, be in charge of 35 cooperating rigs all over the world, Hold fixed asset over 550 million RMB
Providing services in Chinese market including Sichuan, Erdos, Xinjiang etc. and oversea market such as Pakistan and Iraq.
We are always attaching importance to QHSE management and established complete QHSE management system. We target “ No injury, No Pollution and No Blowout” as our goal and we are the leading provider of excellent, safe, environmental-friendly drilling operation in China.

Technical products and capability

Multi-lateral well drilling and completion technique: Be able to provide multi-lateral well drilling and completion technical program, and drill fish-bone wells.
Horizontal well drilling and completion technique: drilling and completion technique of conventional horizontal wells, Long horizontal interval wells, U-shape link-up horizontal wells and slim-hole side-track horizontal wells.
Special coring technique:  loose/fractured formation coring technique, seal coring technique, CBM cable coring technique.
MPD technique: Air Hammer, Rotating Control Head, Air Drilling service, UBD service.

Typical case

  • Changqing Oilfield Total Project
   The development blocks of Changqing oilfield Total project is cooperated by Total and CNPC. It is the key project of Anton Drilling service (China area). The wells of the project are mainly composed of vertical wells and extended reach wells with TD over 3700 m.
   Since 2018, our clients changed the well design to be slim hole. Our company organize competent personnel for the project. In 2018, we complete 23 slim hole wells totally, achieve total footage of 78150 m.
Especially, Well SN×-04 reached TD of 4152 m and displacement of 1735 m with inclination of 40o. it breaks the record of the project by giving the longest the displacement and max. inclination.
Well SN×-05 break the drilling speed again of the project, the average ROP reaches 20.72m/h, 1.72 % higher than the previous record created by Anton in 2017.
Our two rigs rank NO.1 and NO.2 among all the other rigs of the project in the KPI competition continuously in 2017-2018.
  • Slim hole side-tracking operation

Sulige Gas field is identified as typical “Low porosity”, ”low pressure”, ” low permeability”, ” low abundance” reservoir, showing characters like “ Low controlled reserves of single well” and “fast production decline”.
After 10 year’s production, the No. of low efficient well and suspended well increased year by year, which leads to an urgent request to recover the product of these wells by applying side-tracking horizontal well technique to maintain production capacity and improve recovery efficiency of the Gas field.
In 2018 years, Anton had successfully completed 3 sidetrack horizontal wells- Su6-X, Su14 -X, Yan X ST1.