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You are here-剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好-Services & Products-Oilfield Management and Oil&Gas Development General Contract Service-Oil and Gas Field Production Sharing Management

Based on reservoir evaluation and development potential analysis, it provides the general contract services along with risk of linking service income with oil and gas production. The scope of services includes single well, well groups or blocks, risk-exploiting for old wells or brownfields, and stimulation technology services of single-well and block with production assessment.

  • Have a professional reservoir analysis team to objectively assess and identify potential for development.
  • Specialized technologies for increasing production of various types of oil and gas reservoirs: such as fracturing sectional optimization technology for low-permeability and tight reservoirs, nano-material technology; thermal recovery and microbial technology for increasing oil production; and water-control technology for high-water-bearing reservoirs.
  • Own service teams and supporting equipment for workover, fracturing, acidification, production, etc.
  • Offer services for CBM, tight reservoirs in China and oil fields development in Pakistan and Albania.