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You are here-剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好剑网3指尖江湖什么职业好-Services & Products-Oilfield Management and Oil&Gas Development General Contract Service-Oil and Gas Field Management General Contract Service

With the goal of production and stable operation, Anton provides integrated management contracting for oil and gas field development, including geology and reservoir analysis support, operation management, production management, HSE, logistics, and third-party service provider management.

  • Have a complete oilfield technical service industry chain and form a system support for oilfield development.
  • Have an international oilfield management team.
  • Experience in large-scale oil and gas field development management.
  • In 2018, Anton undertake the comprehensive management of the giant oilfield of Majnoon in Iraq, including reservoir technological support and management, production operations, maintenance services, operation supervision, oilfield IT, HSE, security, procurement, and third-party service providers. After the project took over, it has been running smoothly for more than 260 days. The output has risen steadily and the HSSE has performed well. It is highly praised by clients