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Geological research focus on the key issues in different exploration and development stages of oil & gas field, and carries out demonstrations on geology, reservoir engineering, and economics, providing a basis for efficient development of oil & gas fields, and is the key factor to the success of exploration and development and the benefits of the fields. Anton has an experienced and professional oil & gas field development research team, which can provides research services for geologic and reservoir engineering in the whole process of field development, such as early geological evaluation, development plan design and enhanced oil recovery in mature oil & gas field.

Service Content

  • Geology study and development plan design of oil & gas reservoirs: Include geological evaluation of reservoirs, fine description of reservoirs, reservoir development plan design, potential exploitation scheme research for mature field.
  • Geology study and evaluation on unconventional reservoir: Include unconventional reservoir geological evaluation, coalbed methane development plan design, shale gas development plan design.
  • Geology study consultation services.
Service capabilities
  • With a full range of high-quality oil & gas reservoir research capabilities.
  • Have multi-professional and international research team, the main technical experts are from CNPC, Sinopec, Shell, ConocoPhillips and other large oil companies.
  • Have rich experiences in oil & gas reservoir research.
Service performance
  • Carry out dozens of research services such as comprehensive evaluation of oil & gas reservoirs, development plans for oil & gas reservoirs, research on reservoirs potential development plan, and unconventional reservoir evaluation.
  • The service is distributed in many countries around the world such as China, Sudan, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Pakistan etc.