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There are 68 employees (25 international employees contained), more than 40 employees are senior, intermediate engineers and other technical personnel. They have rich practical experience in the field of cement slurry and spacer, and strong on-site technical service capability.

There are various equipment which can serve more than 100 wells annually, including 7 cementing twin-pump cementing units, 5 cementing batch mixers, 5 bulk trucks, 1 demountable tanker carrier, 2 mobile laboratories, 3 double-cylinder thickening instrument, 3 single-cylinder maintenance tanks, 3 portable thickening instruments, 3 high temperature and high pressure fluid loss meters, and 3 atmospheric pressure thickening instruments.

We can provide different types of cement heads, cementing plugs, circulation heads, floating shoes, guide shoes, floating collar, centralizers, stage collar, etc., Meanwhile we can also supply customized products according to different requirements of customers. So far, our products have been successfully applied to more than 200 wells in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Ethiopia and Iraq. We can provide 11 types and 18 kinds of special cement additives and 6 types of special cement slurry systems which were widely used in more than 200 wells in Xinjiang tight oil, Sichuan shale gas, southwest underground gas storage, Ethiopian cementing project for Iraq Halfaya oilfield and Garraf oilfield. All the cementing quality has meet the technical requirements of Party A.

We can provide cementing construction, cementing engineering design, cement slurry materials and casing accessories for various types of wells, and personalized services for different customers.

Typical Case

  • Ethiopian Cementing Project
Since 2015, Anton has started to provide oil and gas well cementing services for customers in Ethiopia. By December 2018, we had completed the cementing services for 45 wells, and the cementing quality has been highly recognized by Party A. In addition, we still provide cementing pumping, material tools sales, program design, squeeze cementing, cement plug, BOP pressure test, replacing fluid, formation pressure testing and other services for the customer.
  • Iraqi Halfaya Cementing project
By December 2018, we had completed more than 100 times of cementing operation jobs in the afar region, providing services such as cementing design, cementing equipment, casing accessories and cement additives, etc.. The cementing quality is one of the best in this block, and the cementing technology and proposal adopted are highly recognized by party A.
  • Shale gas project
At present, we have provided shale gas cementing technology services for customer in weiyuan, changning, jingzhou and other regions. The shale gas cementing technology is mature, and about 30 well cementing operation jobs have been completed successfully. Next year, Anton Cementing will serve three drilling rigs, and it is estimated that there will be 10 wells cementing services. Anton can provide shale gas cementing design, cementing equipment, laboratory equipment, cement slurry and oil-based flushing technology. So far, the cementing qualification rate was 100% and 95% of the completed wells, so we are highly recognized by Party A.
  • Underground gas storage cementing project
So far, we have participated in the cementing project of Chongqing Xiangguosi underground gas storage, Huai'an underground gas storage, and North China underground gas storage, and completed 23 wells’ cementing operation jobs. We provide a full set of cementing technology, cementing engineering design, casing accessories, cement slurry, pre-flush technology and cementing software for customers. The qualification rate of cementing quality in completed Wells reached 100% , the superior rate was 88% and it provided a good condition for periodic gas storage and release in the follow-up production.