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  • We can provide harmless treatment services for various types of waste generated during the development and production of oil and gas fields, Including process design, equipment sales, station operation, consulting, environmental monitoring, technical services, etc. And strive to provide customers with systematic, safe, efficient and economical oilfield environmental protection services.
  • Oily solid wastetreatment technology. Advanced thermal analysis technology can be used to gradually separate the volatile/semi-volatile substances from Oily solid waste such as oil-based mud, drill cuttings, sludge and oil-contaminated soil. After treatment, we can achieve solid waste oil rate compliance, resource utilization, and recycle most of the oil.
  •  Oilfield waste-water treatment technology. Process and equipment can be designed for different water quality,and can realize stable heavy metal ions, desalting, COD, color, surfactant and other pollution factors for high-mixed salt, high-concentration salt, crude oil, and hydrogen sulfide-containing waste-water. Meet emission standards or resource reuse requirements.
Typical Case
The mixed wastewater from drilling and completion of an oil field in Iraq was treated by pretreatment, evaporation crystallization and biological treatment. After treatment, water quality reaches the first-class A standard for waste-water discharge in China, which can meet the water reuse standard and is used for cooling circulating water, steam boiler water supply, greening, Landscape fountains, etc.